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Solutions.brother.com/windows | Brother Printer Setup on Windows

While you installing Brother Printer on windows computer visit solutions.brother.com/windows and get latest drivers for all printer models. Before initiating this great topic, first, have a look at the difference between these two.

Both MAC and Windows have been developed for various tasks. Microsoft designed window, an operating system to perform different tasks but Apple made the MAC mostly for printing, sound, and graphics as these are very effective for all those purposes in industries.[sg_popup id=”314″ event=”inherit”][/sg_popup]


Brother printer is one of the best and renowned names in the printer industry. Whoever wants their problems solved, just contact Brother Printer support for installing you need to visit solutions.brother.com/windows. Installing a printer is very easy especially when you want to set up a wired connection but when it comes to a wireless setup of brother printer on MAC becomes a headache for some and frustrating too. So we will deal with the easiest and necessary method to set up brother wireless printer MAC. Things get messy when you are not able to find the driver or wireless setup option in some wireless brother printers.

After reading many solutions for your problems on the Internet, you get confused and tired what to do what not to do because of many attempts for finding solution results in failure. This is the right place for your genuine and correct information about setting up brother wireless printer on MAC.

How to set up brother wireless printer on Mac or Windows computer?

Below are the easy steps for your problem:-

First of all, connect the brother printer to the wireless network, now follow the steps-

1.Network name – your wireless network name or access point

“Network Security Key (password) – Encryption key, web key, passphrase”

  1. Now see printer control panel to check menu, setting or option button.
  2. Press the menu/option/setup caption and go to network setting.
  3. Now select network setup wizard and choose wireless setup.
  4. After this, a printer will show available wireless network and display the list.
  5. Select your home network and type the network or pass work key.
  6. After doing these settings, at last press OK to connect.

Now follow the instructions as it says ahead.

Again we have to understand setting for Windows for the setup brother wireless printer

So here are the steps for it:-

  1. You need to place your Brother Printer where has proper internet connectivity so that you can do Setup work without any hustle.
  1. ‘Turn on’ the printer.
  1. Aware yourself to see your PC is ‘ON’ and you have accessed in with all Administrator privilege for hustle -free work.

After that, you need to insert the provided CD-ROM in the drive, if you do not have the installation CD visit solutions.brother.com/windows to setup printer.

The installation screen will automatically appear. You will further have to select model and language. Please not to panic if the screen doesn’t appear, call on Brother Helpline phone number and ask for the assistance.

  1. Now, click on ‘Install MFL-Pro Suite’. And the screen will show ‘User Account Control’. Click for ‘Yes’ for further process.
  1. ·now click ‘yes’ for ‘License Agreement’ option…
  1. now go for ‘Wireless Network Connection’ without ‘Custom Install’ checking and then press for ‘Next’ button.
  • After this screen will show ‘Firewall/Antivirus detected’ appears, select ‘Change the Firewall port settings to enable or give permission to network connection and continue with the installation. ()’.
  1. Now hit on ‘Next’ option.
  • Installation confirmation screen will appear and you will be asked to use the USB cable to connect to Brother Pinter to the wireless network,
  • Now, you need to confirm the message on the screen. Click on the ‘Next’ button after you have checked the option stating ‘Checked and confirmed’ box.
  • The Window screen will display network name & you need First of all you need to place your Brother Printer to such an area that has proper internet connectivity so that you can carry Setup work without any hurdle.
  • Then click on ‘Next’ option.
  • Installation confirmation screen will appear and you will be asked to use the USB cable to connect to Brother Pinter to the wireless network,

These are the best solution for users to install Brother printer by visiting solutions.brother.com/windows.

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