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How to setup & Activate Roku streaming player?

In this article we will tell you about Roku video streaming device like what Roku is and how to activate Roku with or We will also update you about different Roku device models and how to trouble shoot common issues with Roku?

What is Roku?

Roku is the company which launched streaming for the TV. Roku streaming players are much cost effective and convenient way to watch television. Just plug in Roku into your television and connect it to internet, then setup Roku account, then start streaming your favorite programs. Let me explain about streaming here, have you ever watched YouTube video on internet that’s streaming audio and video content from Internet, and become popular way to watch TV on your smart phones and your computers. Because streaming allows you to watch your desired program, movie or videos, you do not have to wait for download to finish, you can watch them immediately. Roku products bring fun and entertainment of streaming to your big screen television. This is your choice what to watch and what to pay it is up to you only. We like to call Roku TV on your terms, is a URL or you can use which will help you to activate Roku device by entering Roku code.

Why Choose Roku Products?

Roku devices are easy to setup and very simple to use, they come with a remote which is very easy to use, and great features like Roku search which makes it uncomplicated to find what you want to watch. Roku devices will give access to you approx. 4000+ free and paid channels, so you can stream almost everything.

  1. Free Content- You can get free content on channels like BBC Sports, TV Player, YouTube, Red Bull TV and Sky News.
  2. Recent Music- There are many channels on which you can listen to latest music tracks like Box Plus, Deezer, YouTube, Vevo and Tunein.
  3. Latest TV shows, Block Buster Movies and Original Content- To watch Block buster movies you can open these channels like Amazon TV, Netflix, Sky Store, Rakuten TV and Google Play.
  4. Catch-Up Television- You can see catch-tv on channels like BBC, iPlayer, ITV Hub, All 4, Demand 5 and STV Player.

How Do I Setup Roku With

Roku streaming stick needs screen resolution up to 1080p Full HD and it has been shipped with an enhanced remote control which has feature named “point-anywhere”. This article will describe the Roku product in more details with setup instructions. The Roku streaming stick will work with any television which has HDMI connections and connect directly to the television’s HDMI port. You need to get free HDMI extender cable if your Roku streaming stick not fits to your television port.

  1. Language Selection- Once your Roku streaming device will turn ON, first screen will show you to choose a desired language, once you select the language all text and dialogue will show in selected language within the Roku device.
  2. Connect Your Roku to Internet- Select your wireless network in given list and enter your WIFI key to connect. If you do not see your network in the list then select scan option to see all the networks. For more assistance visit Once you select your WIFI and entered correct pass phrase, your Roku device will automatically connect to the internet.
  3. Roku Will Download and Update Latest Firmware- Once you successfully connect to internet wait for some time to download and sync your Roku device with latest software and firmware.
  4. Select Display Option- Select display type and let your Roku streaming device to auto detect best the best display resolution as per your screen size. If you want to change your display then you can visit Settings > Display Type.
  5. Create Roku Account- To activate your Roku device it must be linked to your Roku account. Roku account keeps track of Roku devices you own and allow you add paid and free channels according your needs.

For Roku activation you will be require opening or on your computer or smart phone, below you will get full instruction for same.

Activate Roku Device via or

Instruction to activate Roku device will be appear on your television screen, including with an activation code example- “XCV7TG”. Now you will be need to open on your computer or your smart phone in order to activate Roku device then enter the given code and follow the instructions. Now your Roku device has been activated and you enjoy your favorite programs, movies and music.

Note: Roku will not charge for device activation, when you open or, make sure you open correctly and not visiting any third party website.

Roku Device Setup FAQ’s –

Can Not See The Video From Roku Streaming Device- Make sure your Roku device is directly connected to the television. If your Roku player is connected to AVR or sound bar, then disconnect the AVR and connect directly to the television. This will fix issue with the AVR and sound bar which make it easier to troubleshoot the issue. You need to make sure the Television is turned ON and press a button on Roku remote to ensure Roku device not in standby or screensaver mode.

Roku Device Will Not Power ON- Most of the Roku devices needs that they are connected to wall power by using the adapter that receives with the device. Some Roku sticks and Roku devices also powered from the USB port on selected televisions. Most Roku streaming devices also have a white light on the front to indicates that when the device is ON

Note: On some TV’s Roku stream player may unable to receive power from USB.

Roku Streaming Device Unable to Update Software- Roku streaming device designed to run with latest software version updates. Whenever the Roku device turned ON it will check for the latest software during initial setup. The installation and updating usually did itself without interrupting your use of Roku device. To perform software update Roku device needs good internet connection. If your internet connection is not stable then Roku device may not be able to update latest available software, if this issue happens you will see below error message.

At the end of the message, you will find one of the following error codes: 001, 002, 003, or 005.

It is probable that the Roku service may be momentarily unresponsive. If an error code is come across during a try to update the software, wait a few minutes and try over. If Roku is aware of a long outage, an alert will be showed near the top of the Roku support site. If you see a notification here, try after the outage is over.

How to Activate Roku streaming Device? – In order to activate Roku device it must be link to your Roku account. On your Roku account you will find the devices you own and the channels which you subscribed along with your settings and preferences. It is most important that you have valid email address associated with your Roku account to receive notifications. To activate Roku Device go to the website on your computer or mobile device. On opened website enter the link code and hit submit. Follow the instruction on website and login to your Roku account or create the new one. While creating Roku account that will ask for payment method, which will help to purchase channels and subscription. Once you have finished the activation procedure your Roku device will be ready to use.

How to Factory Reset Your Roku- Before you sell or return Roku device it’s recommended that you do a factory reset which will:

  1. Erase all your personal preferences.
  2. Unlink your Roku device from your Roku account.
  3. Roku player to state as it comes new.

Follow the below steps to Factory reset Roku device

  1. On your Roku remote press home button.
  2. Scroll up down and select settings.
  3. Choose System.
  4. Click advance system settings.
  5. Hit Factory reset.
  6. Select Factory reset everything and follow given instructions.

You can perform factory reset with button as well, for that look on back or the bottom of Roku device that should have reset button, some players have pinhole button. Press and hold the reset button approx. 20 seconds , the indicator light will blink when the Factory reset is complete.


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