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How to Update Flash Player in Google Chrome

Update Flash Player in Google Chrome

Adobe Flash Player is excellent for playing games, audio and video games online, but it does not always work because it cannot be activate or updated at times. This may even be the case when your browser is Chrome; Chrome has its own built-in version of Flash. Google bundles Flash Player (PPAPI) with its Chrome web browser. Google launched the integrated Flash Player by default when Google released Chrome 5.0 in June 2010. When Adobe releases a new version of Flash, Chrome will automatically update. This way Chrome users can get a lot of Flash security updates after the release. When Adobe assigns a patched Flash vulnerability to a priority 1 severity level, its importance becomes more apparent. The Priority 1 update resolves “target vulnerabilities, or vulnerabilities with higher target risks” because Flash is automatically updated, so there is no need to update Flash Player in Chrome.

When the bundled Flash Player is not the latest version of Flash, Chrome may look like the latest. When you use Chrome to access Adobe’s Flash verification page for inspection, you’ll see that Flash Player is pre-installed in Google Chrome and automatically updated!

How can I check the installed version of Flash?

Some users of Google Chrome and its derivatives (such as Slimjet) may ask: “How do I check the version of Flash used in my browser and whether I can trigger an update to the Flash Player?”

The installed version of Flash can be tested on this Adobe web page.The reason is that by default (for security reasons) the player in Google Chrome and its derivatives has been disabled. If you click on the symbol of the “Jigsaw Block”, the following security prompt will be displayed. If the user clicks “Allow”, the browser will enable Adobe Flash Player. You can then check to see if your browser supports Flash-Player. On the Adobe page, you can also see which versions are available for Adobe updates (but this information sometimes lags).

Manually check Update Flash Player in Google Chrome

To manually update Flash Player in Chrome, visit chrome:// components in the omnibox. Scroll down to Adobe Flash Player. Record the version number of the Flash Player in the screenshot on February 15, 2017. Chrome version is 56.0.2924.87, the latest version. Adobe Flash Player is the latest version. The installed Chrome version is also the latest version, but the integrated Flash Player version is still the previous version of Adobe’s January 10, 2017 update. Next, click the “Check for Updates” button.

The status has been changed from “Update” to “Component”. The Adobe Flash Player version number was changed from to The Flash Player version integrated in Chrome is now the latest version.

Download the Update Flash Player in Google Chrome

Another option is to download the latest version of Flash Player for Chrome from Adobe’s website. Under Step 1, select your computer’s operating system. In step 2, select FP 24 – PPAPI for Opera and Chromium. Click the yellow download now button and follow the prompts.

Please note the optional offer on the Adobe Downloads page. If you do not want to accept the optional offer when you download Flash Player, deselect the pre-selected checkbox.


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