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How to make windows 10 faster? or How to speed up Windows 10 Computer?

 make windows 10 faster

Are you disappointed by upgrading your Windows to the most recent version i.e. Windows? Most of the users are complaining about the speed processing of this latest updated version. You need not worry about it because we are going to share with you some amazing tips which will definitely work for your personal computer to make windows 10 faster. Here are top 5 tips to speed up your Windows 10 Computer:

Follow Below Steps To Make Windows 10 Faster?

  1. Change the power settings: Every personal computer comes up with a feature to optimize the use of power by your system. Change in these settings will boost the performance of your Windows. Generally, there are three options available under the power settings, the first one is ‘power saver’ and the second & third ones are ‘balanced’ and ‘high performance’. Here, all you need to do is to select either ‘balanced’ or ‘high performance’ option instead of the ‘power saver’ to boost up the performance of your system.To make changes in these settings, all you need to do is: visit the ‘Control Panel’ of your system, here open the ‘Hardware and Sound’ function and select the ‘Power Options’. (Please note there may be a little change in these function depending on the brand you are currently using).
    How to make windows 10 faster
  2. Disable the programs that run on the start-up: Similar to a smartphone, in the case of the personal computer also, there are a number of unnecessary applications keep running in the background of your system. To speed up your Windows 10, all you need to do is to disable these needless applications.To disable the same, open the taskbar of your system (the short key to open the taskbar is Ctrl + Shift + Esc). Here a small window will open on your screen, at the bottom, you will find an option of ‘more details’, click of the same and you will be available with the list of applications, running in the background. At the top bar select ‘Startup’ and disable the needle applications to boost up the performance of your system.

  1. Turn off the search indexing: Indexing is the feature of the Windows 10 which improves the speed of the searching in the hard disk of your system. But enabling the same leads to slowing down the speed of your Windows.So to disable the same, type services.msc in the startup bar and here you the window of the same will get open on the screen of your system. Now, select the services which you want to stop for the permanently and the services which you want to keep running you may restart the same.How to speed up Windows 10 Computer
  2. Clean the hard disk of your system: There is always a pile-up of the unnecessary files in your system. So make sure, you eliminate the same on the time-to-time basis. Windows 10 comes up with a built-in feature of cleaning these files. To use this tool, visit the settings of your system and then select ‘storage’ function and here you will find the function of ‘Storage Sense’. On turning it to ‘on’, Windows 10 will keep deleting the junk files from your system and recycle bin automatically.
  3. Shut down and restart your Windows: This is a very traditional tool to reboot the speed of your system. But after making the above changes, make sure you are not forgetting to shut down and restart your system. We hope that all of these tips are going to work for your Windows 10.

Hope now you will know how to make  windows 10 faster or how to speed up windows 10 computer?

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