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How to setup canon Printer? | Canon.com/ijsetup | http://canon.com/ijsetup

Canon is one of the renowned printers brand, if you look for printers then Canon is your first choice. To install Canon printer visit canon.com/ijsetup or http://canon.com/ijsetup. There are two type to install canon printer one is Canon printer setup with USB cable and second is Canon printer wireless setup. In this article we will update you how to install canon printer by visiting canon.com/ijsetup. Let’s start with canon printer install without disc or CD?

How to setup Canon printer without Disc or CD from canon.com/ijsetup?

Canon printer setup without Disc or CD

  1. Turn On your Canon printer and connect to your computer with USB.
  2. Once your Computer turned ON and connected to printer with USB it will automatically install drivers.
  3. Now your computer is ready to printer with Basic drivers.
  4. If you want to install full drivers go to internet and visit canon.com/ijsetup or http://canon.com/ijsetup.
  5. Select your printer model and download the latest drivers for your Canon printer.

How to install Canon printer with USB?

Canon printer setup with USB | canon.com/ijsetup

  1. Unpack your printer install the cartridges and connect USB cable from printer to computer.
  2. Now turn ON your computer, it will search for latest drivers from windows store and automatically install your printer.
  3. Once computer finish with drivers setup take test print to ensure drivers are installed successfully.
  4. It will install the basic printer drivers on your computer if you want to use scanner you need to install full drivers.
  5. To install full drivers for your canon printer visit canon.com/ijsetup or http://canon.com/ijsetup.
  6. Select your printer model and choose your computer operating system.
  7. Download the full drivers’ package and open it, now open downloaded drivers and follow the instructions and install Canon printer drivers.
  8. Now take a test printer and scan a document to ensure that your printer is working fine and connected with a computer.

How to connect Canon wireless printer

canon wireless printer setup

  1. First you need to make sure that your computer and your printer is connected in same internet network before start installing canon wireless printer setup.
  2. Now take a note of your Printer model and look for WPS button on your WIFI router, make sure you have the correct WIFI pass phrase while connecting your Canon printer to wireless router.
  3. Open canon.com/ijsetup or http://canon.com/ijsetup type your printer model press next select your computer operating system and download the full canon printer driver setup.
  4. Once driver file downloaded open the drivers and follow instructions and choose wireless printer setup.
  5. It will ask you to press WPS button on your router, which you need to press within 2 minutes and then press OK button on your printer.
  6. Now computer search for your printer, select your printer and press next.
  7. Once this process finishes your printer Is ready to work.


Setup Canon Wireless Printer with USB Connection

  1. Connect your printer to computer with USB cable connection; make sure your computer and printer both turned ON.
  2. Download the full canon printer drivers by visiting http://canon.com/ijsetup or canon.com/ijsetup.
  3. After downloading the printer drivers open the file and follow instruction you will find an options which says install canon wireless printer with USB.
  4. Once you press next follow the instructions and it will show your wireless connection, select your wireless connection and enter passphrase.
  5. It will connect your printer with wireless router, after finish the process remove the USB cable and take print to make sure your printer is working fine without the USB cable.


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