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Spread the love envy 4520 | How to setup HP envy 4520?

In this article we will tell you, how to setup HP envy 4520 printer by visiting envy 4520. We guide you will all the installation steps, so you do not need to wait for someone to install printer for you. envy 4520 | How to setup HP envy 4520?

Instructions to Install & setup HP Envy 4520 Printer with USB.

  • Unpack your printer and insert the print ink, you can use printer Manual for that.
  • Turn ON your printer and connect it to your computer with the help of USB cable.
  • This will automatically install HP envy 4520 printer on your computer.
  • Now your printer is ready to print with basic printer drivers, if you want to install advance HP envy 4520 drivers, do visit envy 4520.
  • Once you open envy 4520 enter your printer model and search, when you see your printer select your operating system.
  • Now you will get link to download full drivers for HP envy 4520, click on download.
  • Open downloaded driver file for HP envy 4520 and follow the given instructions on computer screen to setup HP envy 4520 printer drivers.


Note: Make sure your printer is connected correctly with USB cable and its turned ON.


Steps to Install HP Envy 4520 Printer with Wireless Connection.

  • Unbox your printer and assemble all the accessory comes with your printer.
  • Turn ON your printer and your WIFI router as well.
  • Go to control panel and select add printer, it will automatically search for connected printers.
  • If your printer not in the list, do visit envy 4520
  • Now it’s time to search for your printer model and select your operating system.
  • Here you will get link to download your printer drivers.
  • Open the downloaded driver file, it will ask you to press WPS button on your router and within 2 minutes you need to press ok button on your printer.
  • Now computer will search for connected printer on network.
  • Once you see your printer name in list click on it and press next, it will install HP envy 4520 wireless drivers on your computer.
  • After finishes with installation steps, print a test page to make sure your printer is working fine.


Note: Before installing HP envy 4520 wireless drivers make sure your computer and your printer is connected with same WIFI router.


HP Envy 4520 Driver Wireless Setup with USB Cable.

  • First two steps are same like above.
  • Visit envy 4520 and select your printer with operating system.
  • Download the latest printer driver’s full version.
  • Open the driver file and press next.
  • Connect your printer to computer with USB cable.
  • Once you see option to install wireless driver for HP envy 4520 with USB cable select and press next.
  • You will see instructions come on your screen you just need to follow the given instruction.
  • Once you done with all the installation steps your HP envy 4520 printer will install and ready to use.
  • Check your printer by printing test page.


Note: Remove USB cable and take prints to check that your printer is working with wireless connection.


In this article we guide you with all steps to install HP envy 4520 printer with USB and wireless connection, we have other articles as well for Brother Printer setup and Canon printer setup.





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